Papa can you hear me

A new episode of Parenting Pobal is live. This week we look at children and their ability to selectively listen. Currently going through it for our four year old we did some digging into the phase.

Papa can you hear me

Seven weeks out

A somber celebration. Ahead of Thomas turning two at the weekend I’m so proud to say I am seven weeks out since finishing medication for Postnatal Depression.

It has been a slow and careful process that started just over seven months ago (the theme of this post is seven) and in this episode we talk about the symptoms, this difference in my first bout of PND and my second as well as what partners can do and what supports I found.

For now, the future is bright and I am so pleased to be out the other side and hopefully no U turns but I am lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends that will help me steer straight.

Seven weeks out