Campsite craic and travelling tips – part 2

So sitting under a poorly baby who is glued to Little Baby Bum I thought I’d get back to working pulling together some thoughts about our camping experience with Eurocamps in France.

As I mentioned in my previous post we choose a campsite that wasn’t too far from the port. It took around tour hours in the car and was in western Brittany, Domains Des Ormes.

When we arrived it was fairly quiet as the high season had just started so it did mean a lot of trying to track down the right person for check in. As well as this a lot of the eateries were closed when we arrived. Thankfully we had stopped in a Lidl we passed on the way and had picked up a few bits for an impromptu picnic.

Once we managed to check in it was time for a quick tour of the mobile home. I was pleasantly surprised at the layout, it was compact but still spacious, the outdoor decking was large and also covered. We were also provided with a BBQ on the decking, table and chairs, two sun beds and a foldable clothes horse. And there was space at the side to park the car.

Inside we had booked a three bed even though we technically only used two rooms and I am do glad we did as the third doubled as storage for suitcases and laundry. Two rooms were equipped with a single locker style wardrobe and two single beds with a bedside locker in the middle. In one of those rooms one of the single beds was folded away underneath the other and a travel cot was put up for Thomas.

In our room their was a European queen sized bed, a double locker wardrobe, over the bed storage and a little bedside shelf on each side of the bed and a shelf over the head of the bed.

The bathroom had a sink and a shower and there was a separate toilet room. Every room had windows fitted with insect protectors and (amazing) black out blinds and curtains.

The kitchen and living area had a small kitchen that had all the basics you would need, a large fridge, microwave and a table. In the living area there was a corner sofa.

In terms of the campsite it provided a small Eurospar, a bar, a clubhouse, a pizzaria and a restaurant. There was really decent laundry facilities on-site and I made use of these so we didn’t have to come home to the mountain of washing. There were two large heated pools one covered and one outdoor, the outdoor one had water slides and water activities.

We hired bikes (ridiculously) expensive as we needed a touring bike with a bucket for the wee ones so if you can bring kids bikes I would definitely do that. Or even scooters.

The biggest hit with Olivia was the zipline by a long shot. That and the moment her pony took a shit in the middle of the road when she was on him. Kids huh?

We played crazy golf (unmitigated disaster, definitely suited for older kids) and took out the peddalo boats. There were other options for any families with older children such as archery, an overhead adventure course, climbing wall, water skiing etc.

In the evenings there were various activities but as it was the beginning of the season it was quiet enough, such as escape room, bingo, family sports evening, etc. The site also had a beautiful 18 hole golf course.

The kids club run by Eurocamps was AMAZING. The games they had invented and the enthusiasm with which they played them. Olivia still talks about it. The campsite had it’s own kids club but only for ages four and up.

We ate out a few times but we did a shop in the Lidl and a little French bakery and made meals in the house either cooking or BBQing. This way was more relaxing as we could eat when suited us and the wee ones.

All in all a great family holiday and I would definitely recommend. We are looking into going next year but I definitely would be looking to to a bit later, maybe two weeks later so things are really up and running.

Some tips for anyone considering or going on a similar holiday:

  • All the baby items – travel cot, baby bath, high chair, changing mat – are provided FOC by Eurocamps but to make sure you secure the items they have to be booked at least two weeks before the holiday
  • Duvets and pillows are provided. Bed linen is not, you can hire this for an additional cost but I brought our own as I felt it would help the wee ones settle having their own bed clothes
  • The travel cot does not come with a mattress. I didn’t know this and the base is quite hard for a stay longer than one or two nights. I used one of the spare duvets and folded it round the base like a sheet to make it softer
  • You will need to bring your own towels – if you need to free up car space you can hire them
  • You can buy a little mini essentials kit for five quid before you go, saves you bringing or buying tea towels, dish clothes, multi purpose cleaner, washing up liquid etc.
  • Don’t bother bringing food, the likes of Lidl are never too far
  • Actually do a big shop, the heat and all the running around meant our savages were even more hungry than usual. Given the shop was quite small, healthier type snacks were few and far between. Plus it closed for two hours after lunch so it helped that we were caught short
  • If you are going to France don’t forget the car safety kit which is a legal requirement as well as the stickers for your headlights (any Halfords has the stickers for a tenner).
  • Do bring some toys, there is lots to do but sometimes it can be overwhelming for the littles to do so much new stuff and books or quiet toys from home can help ground them
  • Have a good time! It’s so lovely to be able to spend quality screen-free time together as a family, whatever that set up is for you. Don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘have the perfect holiday’ the wee ones will still have tantrums, there will still be poonamis and as always there will still be those petty sibling fights for the same toy but you know what, just say fuck it and go with the flow, curse under your breath and remind yourself of the cool glass of wine that awaits you on the deck in the evening sun when they have gone to bed.

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