You gotta know when to hold it

It’s 8am and I am still in bed. In fact we all are. Believe me, no one is more shocked at this than I am. The wee ones have recently started taking great joy in waking with boundless energy at 6am…but only if it is a Saturday or Sunday. Come Monday morning and the start of a new working week and it being all systems go they couldn’t be roused from their slumber at 7am by a fucking 100 piece marching band parading along their bedsides.

So when the lie ins come you just gotta take them. Which begs the question, why am I not enjoying my second or third little snooze of the morning. I need to pee. And I have done since 5.30.

Alas our little holiday cabin has one toilet which happens to be right beside the room both wee ones are currently snoring away in. I had a very reasonable internal debate with the voices in my head and the end result is the risk just wouldn’t be worth the pay off. Let sleeping dogs (and children) lie.

So I lie here testing the strength of my pelvic floor in physical pain but mental peace. I may need to pee but I also need these few and very rare moments of silence. You gotta know when to hold it. And so I wait.



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