Creche cooties

Maybe it is just me but this year seems to have been bug-after-cold-after-bug-after-HF&M-after-bug doing the rounds in creche circles. And it is not just our creche, it is every childcare facility and school the length and breadth of the country. If it isn’t a vomiting bug, then it’s a viral rash, and if it isnt chicken pox, the it’s the poxes poxy pal, Hand-Foot-and Mouth.

There is nothing quite like that moment of dread that fills your right to the pit of your soul than getting the dreaded notification from creche that something is making it’s way through all the kids. And sure by that time it is too late, if your kid hasnt caught it yet you can sure as hell bet they have been licking another kid who has. The ticking time bomb.

As much as I lash the probiotics, vitamins and half decent food into the two of them they still fall foul of the creche cooties. I know it will stand to them later in life (fuck off Mary with yer ‘sure aren’t they getting a quare strong immune system), but right now, in the thick of another bug, I am just sick of it (no pun intended).

Not to mention I am sure like myself, there are other working parents who are digging into precious annual leave in order to make the dash home and pick their little snot monster up, to have to batten down the hatches and spend a few days at home trying to get them on the mend. I am lucky in that I have a very understanding employer but I am sure that isn’t the case for everyone.

Those days are precious and hard earned. They should be saved for sipping Sangria in some 80s style hotel bar while watching your kids tire themselves out at the kids club disco dancing to baby shark and you smile, mildly pissed, and gloating with your significant other about how gorgeous they are. They should not be spent mopping up puke, snot and shit.

So creche bugs, stop stealing those days, and kindly fuck off for a while and give the kids, the creche workers and us parents a break.



3 thoughts on “Creche cooties

  1. Still going on here with school going kids! The texts on our Mammy whatsapp group so often start with “Is there a bug going around the school?” This winter has been particularly bad, with even my “never sick” child on antibiotics twice!


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